Clarice Lispector. Photobiography
Nadia Battella Gotlib

Published: 2015
Size: 17 x 24 cm
Pages: 636
Images: Black & white,
and colour

ISBN S consultants in design: 978-607-96699-0-4
ISBN Connecticut: 978-607-516-8

Clark Lispoector´s photo biography is a visual narrative that records the most significant moments of the Brazilian writer’s life and work. A course marked by the quest, ever renewed, to express the inexpressible human nature with a creative language, experienced by her as the wild “pulsing living matter”.

The research of Nádia Battella Gotlib results in an impressive gathering of images from the author’s trajectory in places where she lived and developed her writing. The material, coming from numerous personal and institutional archives, newspapers, libraries and museums, allows the reader to know and penetrate another dimension of the existence of one of the greatest and most admired Latin American narrators.

Clarice was born in Chechelnik, Ukraine (Russia) during the journey of her parents, Jewish emigrants who left with their three daughters to Brazil. He lived in Maceió and Recife, then in Rio de Janeiro, then in some European countries (Italy, Switzerland and England) and in the United States. It is recognized critically, both in Brazil and abroad, for its literature and for the activity it carried out in the Rio de Janeiro press during 37 years of production.

Editing: Sarah Schulz

Training: Deborah Guzman
Master Design: Cristina Paoli

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